Inventory Management Products




Built-in high-performance scanner

A built-in high speed laser scanner is provided as standard with the latest decoder capable of reading all types of industry standard 1D bar code symbologies. Higher resolution (0.127 mm) and improved scanning distance (450 mm maximum) ensure great accuracy of bar code reading. In addition, a scan width control (laser beam swing angle control) function is included to prevent the misreading of adjacent bar codes. The DT-930 sports a large green LED, vibrator, or beep or any combination of these selectable functions according to your working environment.


Large Memory

In addition to 4MB of RAM, the DT-930 has a 16 MB F-ROM storage area which can be used for the backup of applications and data. This prevents the loss of data if the user allows the battery to completely run down.


Robust and Durable

The DT-930 is designed and built to withstand harsh working environments. It should suffer no adverse effects to its operation when dropped from 1.8 meters in height to a concrete floor. It features excellent dust and water-splash protection that meets the requirements for the IP54 level of the International IEC60529 standard. The DT-930 can also operate in severe temperatures within the range -20șC to 50șC.


Improved ease of use and visibility

The large keys with a responsive click touch enable error-free key operations even when the user is wearing gloves. Backlit keys are employed to enable keypad operation in poor lighting conditions. In addition, a large 3-color LED in either green, blue or red can vividly light up to indicate an event. All these features help to ensure comfortable use for long periods in dark environments such as warehouses.


Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communications

The latest version of Bluetooth is integrated as standard in all models to allow wireless communications with portable Bluetooth label printers, greatly improving efficiency and flexibility. For example, you can print shelf edge labels on a belt printer right in front of a shelf in your store.


Long battery life, two-way power supply

An exceptionally long period of continuous operation has been achieved (approx. 200 hours with two AA-size alkaline batteries), thanks to the power-saving design and effective power-management features employed in the DT-930 series. Furthermore, the DT-930 provides a choice of power source: two AA-size alkaline batteries or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

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